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Applied Buddhism Movement

Applied Buddhism is a concept that is perceived to be a service application in social life.

Built on the fundamental values of Buddhism, takes the spirit of Buddhist Ethics, the fundamental value of Buddhist Meditation, the enlightening nature of Wisdom to apply it in personal life and to behave in Application activities and actions in social life.

In the applied movement of applied Buddhism is an experiential life form interacting with the surroundings.

Perception of practicality in application, with the desire to create development goals and bring the image of Buddhism into specific areas of society, education, medicine, research, technology, in the Public Administration area and Public Benefit - Social Charity... The application of Applied Buddhism with the purpose to meet ongoing issues to adapt and create feasible and sustainable development for society and for the nation.

Social interaction today tends to application, bringing the message of useful applications to create a balance in activities, to form a multi-dimensional relationship to bring multi-consensus and effective cooperation for society.

The Zen teacher Thich Giac Chinh, who founded the Applied Buddhism Movement.

Describe your thoughts, your perceptions, your experiences in any situation while and where the use of reciprocity was applied. The notes are made in the home application, in the office, in relationships... or your static self-awareness has been applied to the spiritual enlightenment philosophy - as applied Buddhism.

The description to rewrite into a lesson to enlighten for yourself, or maybe it is a good suggestion for the surrounding need to learn and apply, bring usefulness to the surroundings and to the society. Through our own experience, the observation to see, the perception and the self-awareness of application that is the catalyst and inspiration for the Applied Buddhism movement.

Thich Giac Chinh.

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