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Decree Order Establishment of the Dharma Cloud Meditation Temple -Central Ministries Mission Agency

We are very happy to announce to the public and the Dharma community that the Sangha we have established has formed a Meditation Temple in pennsylvania, United States of America: Dharma Cloud Meditation Temple.

In the faith of the Three Jewels, to fulfill the mission of spreading the Dharma and promoting the Sangha in the work of spreading the Buddhadharma, the Dharma Cloud Meditation Temple is a concrete demonstration of that noble purpose.

On behalf of practitioners and meditators serving, in the great honor of faith in service, I as well as all the practitioners are serving, appreciating and grateful for the beautiful hands, the noble hearts are serving together in faith to serve the advancement of the Sangha.

Thank you!

The Buddha in our hearts.


Liem D. Tran

Honorable Thich Giac Chinh

Statement of Decree Order:

Statement of Decree Order by Honorable Thich Giac Chinh, President of Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of the United States - July 20, 2022.


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