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The Buddha Day - Vesak Day: The message of peace, happiness, love, and mindful leadership

Buddhist calendar year 2566.

Dharma Mountain, May 2022, Valley Center, California, U.S.A


Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa!

The Buddha in our hearts!

Is preserved by the devas and the Sangha, So that golden words of the Buddha last for five thousand years even!

Most Venerables and Venerables of the Sangha, Venerable nuns and lay devotees!

First of all I would like to represent the Community and Dharma Mountain’s family of the donor to bow respectfully to the venerable Sangha!

On the bright full moon day of the sacred Vesak month, Buddha Sakyamuni's birth in Lumbini garden 2646 years ago became a greart rare event for all mankind. He is “An wonderful human being who appeared in this world, for the benefit of the many, for the happiness of the many, for compassion, for the good, for the benefit and happiness of gods and humans."

In his whole life of preaching and saving to show enlightenment for the world, the Buddha left mankind with an invaluable treasure of the Dharma system of wisdom, compassion, non-violence, the human spirit without class, the path to liberation from suffering, and development of peaceful through the teachings of the Noble Eightfold Path.

When each season of lotus flowers bloom to welcome the coming of Buddha's birthday - Vesak day, at the same time, millions of hearts of Buddha's children - Buddhists all over the world rejoice in the day when the Buddha appeared in the world.

Buddha's Birthday or Vesak is a celebration of Buddha Sakyamuni Gautama Siddhartha's birth, enlightenment and Nirvana. In the sacred protection of the Three Jewels, we look forward to this momentous event of celebrating the cultivation of wisdom and compassion in our lives.

Today, Vesak has become an international cultural and religious festival of the United Nations, a sacred celebration of millions of Buddhist followers around the world. As the event that laid the foundation for the Buddha's message of peace, tolerance, is a timeless light for mankind about solidarity and service to others in this Universe is becoming more and more important for us.

Blessed is the birth of Buddhas,

blest True Dhamma's Teaching,

blest the Sangha's harmony

and blessed is their striving.

(Dhammapada Sutta)

Buddhism is like a new breath of air that is blowing fresh air into the heart of America. Buddhism has arrived in the Promised Land of a place to cultivate the Buddha's seed. The United States community has welcomed and practiced the Buddha's wise teachings of Compassion, Wisdom, Peace, and Buddhism into their lives. The state of California and San Diego County as one of the first homes of American Buddhists, and Buddhism as one of the great religious traditions in the world have interacting positively into life. The Buddhist community has played an essential role in the history of the State and County of San Diego, Buddhist communities participate in contributing to the welfare of society in many ways to serve to around.

Today, in the spirit of peace and great joy of the great event towards the meaning of Buddha's Birthday, in the still space of the soul of mind, in the space of peaceful mountains and forests with the sound of birds singing, we gather together to honoring in the great event, contemplating to the Three Jewels, the Community honors the Vesak Day.

Happy Buddha Day!

The Buddha in our Hearts!


Honorable Thich Giac Chinh.

Statement of Vesak 2022 by Honorable Thich Giac Chinh, President of Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of the United States:

Statement by Honorable Thich Giac Chinh, President of Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of the Uni
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