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Flag Selection for the Sangha Foundation: Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of the United States (SBSUS)

We inherit the spirit of service with faith in the propagation of the Buddhadharma, SBSUS Sangha is happy to share the information with the Dharma comunity and public: Flag Selection for the Sangha Foundation.

We, most gratefully and humbly in our faith of service, we announce the selection of the flag for Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of the United States (SBSUS).

In the faith of service in pursuit of spreading the Buddhadharma, with divine protection from the Three Jewels, and in order to demonstrate the fluid application of this faith of service, the SBSUS Sangha organization decides as follow:

  1. Flag selection for the Sangha Foundation. This flag will be known as the Dharma Flag and will follow the SBSUS Buddhist tradition.

  2. In the Buddhist tradition of peace, compassion, and mindfulness, the Dharma Flag as chosen by the SBSUS Sangha, and as expressed herein, symbolizes and represents the organization in unity.

  3. The Dharma Flag of the SBSUS in schools will be displayed in the same size and shape as the national flag for the practical use and convenient replica of the Dharma Flag.

  4. The Dharma Flag is a harmonious combination between the traditional Buddhist flag and the Dharmachakra (Wheel of Dharma) symbol. The Wheel of Dharma is thoughtfully positioned at the center point with five colors evenly distributed in the background of the Dharma Flag: blue, yellow, red, white, and orange. The Wheel of Dharma symbol is perfectly aligned and centered on the red stripe where it represents equally both sides of the wheel across the five colors chosen for the Dharma Flag.

The Buddha in our hearts.


Liem D. Tran

Honorable Thich Giac Chinh

Statement of Resolution:

Statement of Resolution Order by Honorable Thich Giac Chinh, President of Sakyamuni Buddhist Sangha of the United States - Septemper 29, 2022.

Resolution Flag Selection for the Sangha Foundation SBSUS
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