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Journal of Buddhist Studies
Journal of the U.S. Sangha for Buddhist Studies

Applied research in Buddhist studies is a school of social science research.

​The philosophy and worldview in Buddhism has brought about an understanding of a rapidly changing world, we commit to the progressive mission, contributing the values of the Journal of Buddhist Studies to society. Buddhist studies, also known as Buddhology, is the academic study of Buddhism. 

The Journal of Buddhist Studies is committed to producing high quality published work. 

Our work is dedicated to the memory of Zen Master, Buddhist Missionary, and  Contributors.

JBSPRESS: Publications

Exploring and Applied research in Buddhist studies

Applied research in Buddhist studies is a schools of social science research. It is a harmonious combination of philosophical reasoning and meditation to bring awareness and deep understanding, effectively bringing knowledge to the applicators.

Call for Papers​

June 2022 | Volume 03, Issue 02

Deadline: October 14, 2022

The Journal of Buddhist Studies invites you to submit your proposal for our next issue, especially on the following themes relating to Buddhist studies: history, culture, archaeology, arts, philology, meditation, anthropology, sociology, theology, philosophy, practices, inter-religious comparative studies, and other subjects on Buddhism.

The Journal publishes in both print and online version.

Submitting your content proposal and/or manuscript to

Please consider submitting your content proposal and/or manuscript for consideration by the Editorial Team. Selected authors will receive an acceptance notification within 5-7 days from the date of the manuscript submission.

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