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Welcome to the Journal of Buddhist Studies, is one of the academic study of Buddhism, a culture of Buddhist gazette brought to you by the editors of The Journal of Buddhist Studies.

Based on the philosophy of Buddhism, The Journal of Buddhist Studies has devoted itself to publishing "the good writers and the elite research of Buddhism". Scholars of Buddhist studies focus on the history, culture, archaeology, arts, philology, anthropology, sociology, theology, philosophy, practices, inter-religious comparative studies and other subjects related to Buddhism.

Applied research in Buddhist studies is a school of social science research. It is a harmonious combination of philosophical reasoning and applied of practice to bring awareness and deep understanding, effectively bringing knowledge to the applicators. Academic publishing, culture and religion publishing, social science research and Buddhist education is a useful contribution to applied social sciences research. In that large area, there are great opportunities for application to create action plans and applications in an era of globalization and provide good opportunities for the community and for the nation.

As a form of professional practice, Buddhist studies would reintegrate our evidence bases with current social issues while encouraging better integration of knowledge within communities, organizations and policy. This applies to both traditional articles and the other formats (research notes, essays, etc.) which the journal will provide space for. Such work would also involve greater interrogation of the normative and ethical assumptions of practice rather than taking such matters for granted. The essays presented here represent a fraction of what remains to be learned about of Buddhism. These and other worthwhile topics still await their scholars.

The Buddha in our hearts.


Thich Giac Chinh, Buddhist Missionary

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Buddhist Studies

School LIbrary
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