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School LIbrary

Editorial Team

Journal of Buddhist Studies & Dharma Mountain Publishing

A Journal of the U.S. Sangha for Buddhist studies has a patronage/auspices and is copyrighted from the Library of Congress:

Thich Giac Chinh, Buddhist Missionary


Brittany Tran Olarsch,

Vice President – Managing Editor

Vyvyenne Pham, Secretary Copy Editor

Pam Ly Book Review Editor


  • Most Venerable Thich Minh Thanh, Ph.D.

  • Venerable Thich Minh Dieu, Ph.D.

  • Venerable Thich Chan Phap Tu, M.A.

  • Venerable Thich Giac Chinh, M.A.

  • Venerable Bhikkhunī Gioi Huong, Ph.D.

  • Phe Bach, Ed.D.

  • Cynthia Pham, Pharm. D.

  • Pam Ly, Esq.

  • Bao To, College Technology Support

  • Binh Pham, Graphic Designer & Photographer

  • Kelvin Triet Tran, Graphic Designer

Almost all academic journals have an editorial board consisting of selected, unpaid experts in the academic field covered by a journal. This is almost always an honorary position, although board members sometimes provide peer review of submissions. A member may be asked to review several manuscripts per year and may edit a special issue. The members may also be consulted regarding new regulations at the journal. They are expected to promote the journal among their peers.

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