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Buddhist ethics is a practical topic in practical application and social dissemination

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Buddhist ethics is the foundation of Buddhist doctrine -Buddhology in Buddhism. This is a subject that is both fundamental and compatible as a sub-discipline of Buddhist Philosophy.

A tested method of application in the process of enlightenment, it is the subject of expressing the orderly normality of a perfect path for a religion with the connotation of enlightenment, which is evaluated as a objectively, that is the basic theme to build the Buddhist doctrine of enlightenment. This is the dominant hinge as the backbone that spreads the philosophy of enlightenment.

Through each historical process with an interaction with the history of Buddhist philosophy, the subject of Ethics has always been clearly defined so that it is the frame of reference for the development of Buddhist schools.

"It is no exception for Buddhism in the United States.

The development process and the ethnic factors of each country have created indigenous Buddhism, Buddhist Ethics has acted as the subject to base the doctrine on for its school, to avoid from eroding the nature of Buddhism, or to determine whether the school is Buddhism or not, to determine whether the school is primitive or has faintly differentiated from the marrow of Buddhism.

Buddhism introduced in the process of propaganda and evangelization to the United States of America has also formed a compatible interaction in the way of practice and practice, as well as created awareness of diverse religious interactions to form the interaction in social life.

The 1893 World Parliament of Religions held in Chicago.

In applied practice, Buddhist ethics is the soul of a personality, a whole in harmony with the fundamental value of meditation, which determines the effective application of insight. Buddhist ethics has built human values to contribute to the propagation process and has a positive influence on humanity, it brings an attitude of integrity and morality for people, is a Buddhists have morality.

Buddhist ethics is a practical topic in practical application and social dissemination, and is an academy of academic topic that demonstrates the spirit of fundamental integrity of Buddhism in the relationship interaction with social life.

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