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The application and actions of Buddhist Youth in the context of the U.S.

Young Buddhists are the young people who gather together to form an organization called the Buddhist Youth, or the Buddhist youth who are willing to apply the philosophy of Buddhism to form the motto living, forming the ideal of serving in social life.

Buddhist Youth Organization takes the spirit of Buddhist Ethics, the fundamental value of Buddhist Meditation, the enlightening nature of Wisdom to apply it in personal life and to behave in Application activities and actions in social life.

Applied Buddhist youth and the motto of action in the context of the US:

This content is intended to present a holistic view and to form a strong gathering for the feasibility of the Buddhist Youth Organization in its application and in action.

Perception of practicality in application, with the desire to create development goals and bring the image of Buddhism into specific areas of society, education, medicine, research, technology and Public Benefit - Social Charity... The application of Buddhist Youth with the purpose to meet ongoing issues in the US to adapt and create feasible and sustainable development for society and for the nation.

Social interaction today tends to application, bringing the message of useful applications to create a balance in activities, to form a multi-dimensional relationship to bring multi-consensus and effective cooperation for society.

Application and action in the Sangha Union, in the Buddhist Sangha organization and in the Community:

  • In the context of the Youth Organization, with the era of society - nation and today, the application of Buddhist Youth and action in the organization of Sangha Congregation, in the organization of the Gia Dinh Phat Tu Council and in the Community is the appropriate with ethical, timely and appropriate awareness to spread the image of the Sangha Organization to integrate and develop deeply into to the public.

  • Application and action in the area of Education, Medicine, Research, Technology and Public Benefit - Social Charity

  • Application and action in the Public Administration area

  • Communication application and action in the progressive movement on Freedom - Democracy in the world

  • Application and action to support the progressive movement for Freedom - Democracy - Human Rights in Vietnam.

If there is a great force of power to be found in the human entity and in mankind, it is the strength of the Youth.

Buddhist youth contains a great find of great inner strength to mobilize, adapt and develop itself into a force-seeking the being and in nature within the Buddhist youth.

With their ideals and their goals, the Buddhist Youth will raise use their minds to apply and act in the present and even in the future to make practical contributions to social life and in the nation, where that Buddhist youth are present.

Stop complaining, focus on the action and application of service, we will see the growing strength of the Buddhist Youth Organization, will contribute practical values to social life and to the nation.

The application and actions of Buddhist Youth in the context of the U.S. as well as a lesson to observe in the electoral context.

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