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Journal of Buddhist Studies (ISSN 2692-7357, electronic ISSN 2692- 739X) is one of the academic studies of Buddhism and a part of the Journal of the U.S. Sangha for Buddhist Studies.

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Submit your article online

The Journal of Buddhist Studies invites you to submit your proposal for our next issue, especially on the following themes relating to Buddhist studies: history, culture, archaeology, arts, philology, meditation, anthropology, sociology, theology, philosophy, practices, inter-religious comparative studies, and other subjects on Buddhism.

The Journal publishes in both print and online version.

Please consider submitting your content proposal and/or manuscript submission by the Editorial Team. Selected authors will receive an acceptance notification within 5-7 days from the date of the manuscript submission.

Send your manuscript to the editor at:

Contact us to discuss published work, teaching, collaboration opportunities, or for any other inquiries.

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